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Abandon All Minecraft!

DarkTide Minecraft Pronounced Dead.

We are declaring an end of an era, — DarkTideGames is stepping out of the Minecraft scene forever.

The last ditch effort led by unenergizer over at minepile has been abandoned, see below please note that his feelings do not necessarily reflect ours, but it is included for honesty’s sake.

I (Kaliven) have no interest in running a server under Mojang’s(Now Microsoft’s) rules on what you can and can’t do to monetize the server, (Hint, what we had been doing the entire time, was declared illegal, you can’t charge for perks, premium currency, etc).


So I’m going to be converting is converting to its true purpose:

#1 Keep the community together

#2 Work on development of the games we want.

“Keep the Community Together”

I envision us becoming a multi-game clan, but until someone steps up to build that (I don’t have the time) — it may not happen, sure we may need a rename, and a few tweaks, but until then I’ll leave the forum open for current members, and add new features and posts for those interested in keeping it.

IF someone someday wants to build a Darktide server for minecraft, I’ll lend all the support I can spare, but I can’t afford to be up in it right now, just an advisor.

You can Join the thread about we’re all playing now here:

“Work on development of the games we want.”

So Early in DT1, we started discussing, “if we could make an MMO, what would it be” — and sure its a lot like DT was, with less open building (truth be told, I hated all the mining, farming, and digging we had to do) — more focus on nation-building, conflict and economy… and its my life’s goal to get there.

But every Journey begin’s with a single step.

So for now, a few of us are working on a smaller project, something that could be played on a tablet, a phone, a PC…

This game will be a Single player Turn Based, Tactical Combat game, with a focus on Narrative stories, character, plot and world development, while still focusing on skill-based gameplay.
Gameplay will involve difference scenes on a grid with the player controlling a small “Band” of Characters, that are all important to the core of the game in some way. They get to make choices during battles and dialogue that push story among 20-30 branches of storyline, the ending they get will be affected by what they do in the game.
Similar games in this Genre are:
  • Shadowrun Returns
  • Fallout 1&2
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Series
  • X-Com Series
  • Jagged Alliance Series
  • Fire Emblem
  • Shining Force
  • Advanced Wars
  • Disgaea

I am going to lock the forums down, and that’s it no more accounts, only people we manually add….


Unenergizer’s Letter is Below:

Hello everyone,

I have decided to stop developing for DarkTide. The reason is, no one seems to care about it. Why spend the time making something and posting updates on here, when no one is interested? Seems like a lot of hassle for no reason. Instead the past few days I have taken the core I was programming for DarkTide and applied it to a new project.

When I first started programming for Minecraft I wanted to make the most badass custom minigame server. And I did make 12 awesome games, that worked and were fun to play. When people on here were not excited about that, I decided to put the mini-games on pause and focus on DarkTide. For the past 3 months I have been working on the build and working on some code. Then I randomly was approached by a fan of DarkTide and my old servers about a RPG server called Dungeon Realms. Dungeon realms is/was a “MMO” RPG of sorts. It is really fun to play and it brings a lot of enjoyment to my Minecrafting experience. However, DungeonRealms was bought out by Minecade. Minecade let it run it’self into the dirt. No coders are maintaining it and Minecade seems to have no interest in working on it and bringing it back. Then I found out about another RPG server called WynnCraft. While WynnCraft has some cool features, I was unimpressed. To this day DungeonRealms and WynnCraft are the only two RPG servers that are really custom and fun.

This means their is a market for a new RPG server. Right now I am sure there are a 1000 minigame servers and only 2 RPG servers exist and 1 of those RPG servers is down and has been for about a half year. This excited me because I know I can develop a better feature set and map than both DungeonRealms and WynnCraft. So this is what I have decided to do. It has been tons of fun creating an RPG experience. I have recorded my progress on this thread:

So this is a good bye. It was fun while it lasted. But because no one seems to care, I have lost complete interest.



You can reply to him here:


DarkTide Reborn

  Server: WebSite:   Hi, I am unenergizer, a player from the DarkTide community. It has been over 2 years since I was on the server. However me and a few friends feel that most of the servers out now, are just not what we want to play on. We have decided to take Read the full article…